Voorwoord "Jan Snijder", uitgave Museum Belvédère

One year after the opening exhibition in the Belvédère Museum showing the work of the artist Willem van Althuis, who died recently, the author Bernlef will open an exhibition of works by Jan Snijder (1960) of Drachten. Jan Snijder regularly exhibited his paintings in the Tripgemaal gallery in Gersloot and they now form part of the collection of the Belvédère Museum together with the work of other Frisian landscapists such as Willem van Althuis, Gerrit Benner, Jan Mankes, Christiaan Kuitwaard, Robert Zandvliet and Sjoerd de Vries.

Amazement is the word evoked by Jan Snijder's landscapes. Amazement, starting as soon as he leaves his studio, near the ditch close to his house, during his walks to the Smelle Ie, the Veenhoop, the polders or the Wadden on the Frisian island of Vlieland. Although topography is not important in his works, he always names his paintings after the place where they had their origin. To him they are memories of place and time, of weather and wind and of his moods. They represent a completely subjective picture of the places he loves, places he visits again and again. You will not find the large gesture in Jan Snijder's work. It is about peace and quiet, about movement and light, light during daytime or light by night. His innermost perception of his environment is the qualifying factor for its reproduction and for that reason his work forms part of our collection.

Thorn Mercuur
directeur Museum Belvédère